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Chef's Special Dinner

Every Thursday and Friday nights.

Pancit Malabon
Pancit Malabon
Pancit Malabon

Prix Fixe

A Filipino inspired Prix Fixe dinner every Thursday 

and Friday nights at 5:00 pm

Reservation Only

Available Dates

Reservation is open from December 21, 2023 to February  2, 2024. 

First seating at 5pm and last seating is 7:30 pm.

About the Dinner

An elevated Prix Fixe (set price) 3 course Filipino inspired dinner.  The chefs selected the favorite dishes that were featured in the tasting menu dinner events in the past and the menu will be rotated every month to feature the other regional dishes and share the experiences to everyone.  It is a BYOB and no corkage fee at the moment.  The Prix Fixe is $42.00 (plus tax) per person and one complimentary beverage will be served. Because the meals are specially prepared and curated by the chef and his team, we encourage guest and interested parties to make reservation online or call the venue at (847) 983-8945.  We aim to give our guests full attention and  best service, so we are only accommodating few number of guests per night.   

The items in the menu represent the regional dishes and flavors of the Filipino meals from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao islands, and the influences of China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain, India and the US during the colonial period.  The Chefs are showcasing Filipino meals from the different regions or provinces that have amazing flavors with few mentions and not being presented in most Filipino Food Scenes and restaurants.  These dishes represents the innermost core of the Filipino culture.

The Menu

Appetizer (Choose one per guest)

Pork Shumai with calamansi hollandaise

Vigan Empanada with garlic aioli

Classic Pork and Shrimp Lumpia Shanghai

Main (Choose one per guest)

Braised Short Rib Caldereta

Batangas City's Adobong Dilaw Pork Loin with Laing and coconut pandan rice

Ilocos Eggplant Poqui Poqui with Bagnet

Malabon City Seafood Noodles

Dessert (Choose one per guest)

Ginatan Brulee

Lynne's Ube-Queso Ice Cream with Ensaymada

Ube Cake

Note:  Limited bread service is included.

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